Overnight: 2!

As I type, I celebrate my second hour into my second overnight at the office. In hindsight, I could have done this on Monday, but I love my job so much. :)

As I type, I notice that I'm the only one left in this vast office. Do you know how scary that sounds? At least the only TV left open in the office is still on, hence CNN is keeping me company.

I'm hugging a Mirmo de Pon doll the office had made for its promo. Its sooooo cute! I'll take a pic for you guys to see.

All the interns have gone home. Hopefully I'll see China again.

I just can't stop staring at Mirmo. I wish I could buy some food downstairs at Mini-stop but I can't coz I'm scared of the stories about the Sadako-like ghost of a kid in elevator eight (whether it's bullshit or not, I'll never know...but I'm not gonna risk it.)

I miss my bed. Hopefully I'll sleep fully tomorrow night.

I'll sleep in a little while maybe...thanks for keeping me company... :)

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