another reason to leave luck to assasins

A funny thing happened on my way to the...well let me just elaborate.

I was coming home from school after a hard day at school playing Ragnarok Online for 4 hours...I was really tired that I took the wrong jeep going home so I was forced to ride the jeep going by Blumentritt instead of Dapitan. But I always say, things happen for a reason...

It was traffic in Laon Laan so the (idiot) driver decided to go via Dimasalang, much to my dismay. But then I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, and I turned around to see this cute girl (or woman..she looked a wee older) beside me with a worried look in her eyes. She asked me if the jeep was passing by Simoun St., and I was like, 'yeah.'.

As the (idiot) driver gave us an impromptu tour of the inner city, taking a shortcut here and a detour there, I made a casual friend out of this cute girl beside me, assuring her that I know where the jeep was going (which in fact I was praying to God that it isn't taking me anywhere I don't want to.)

The jeep stopped in Blumentritt alright...near Chinese General Hospital, which means the girl and I were as far away from our destinations as we possibly could. We both laughed at ourselves and our strange luck and decided to pair up and find a way back home. Sure enough, we found a jeep that was going to pass by Simoun, and I was gentleman enough to accompany the girl all the way to her destination (if not to find out where she lived), and she was very thankful that I went out of my way to help her find where she was going.

Now I'm asking myself, 'Damn, why didn't I ask her for her name?!'


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  1. wow. you must have not looked that much like a threat for her to have trusted you completely...har har. not even a cell#...good going, mr. suave!